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Fusion to YASWA overview of versions

Tracking of version updates of the Fusion to YASWA application


VersionDeployed in productionShort description of update
4.5 14-dec-2021 AES encryption of password in configuration file
4.4 02-dec-2021 .Net update to support TLS 1.2  and close down support to TLS 1.0 and 1.1
4.3 04-mar-2021 Minimum required version check in start-up
4.2 02-mar-2021 Certificate-ready version
4.1 01-mar-2021 Fix for handling corrupted local files
4.0 22-feb-2021 Bug fix after time zone change
3.9 26-nov-2020 fixes on null-dates
3.6 24-nov-2020 Finnish timeformat
3.5 12-nov-2020 debug more precise info to server
3.2 20-oct-2020 lock log files
3.1 24-oct-2019 cleaner sql, only transfer final assign of chosen class
3.0 07-jan-2019 fix on ending [sc:1234