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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed questions and answers, all commonly asked in context with Scandiatransplant data.



Question: I open YASWA in two windows to have e.g one with Recipent and one with Donor, but when I close one window I am unable to work in the other, and have to close that as well and log on again.

Answer: Standard security procedure, to ensure that you dont leave the terminal after logoff with still opened connection to YASWA.


Question: How many patients are enlisted for a renal transplantation after a prior non-renal transplantation?

Answer: Frequency in Scandiatransplant of renal transplantation after transplantation with a non renal organ


Question: How many children (<18 years) are transplanted each year in Scandiatransplant?

Answer: Pediatric transplantations 2001 -2011