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Scandiatransplant Research grant

Invitation to apply for Scandiatransplant research grant 2018
Announcement letter with guidelines for application
Research grant application form

Research Grant Report Form

Granted in 2018:

  • Principal investigator: Göran Dellgren "Sub-study on donor specific antibodies in the ScanCLAD study". Supported with 370.000 DKK

Granted in 2017:

  • Principal investigator: Bjarne Møller "Epitope-mapping of Anti-HLA cl.I and II Antibodies in Highly Sensitized Patients by Machine Learning". Supported with 148.686 DKK +Feedback of scientific process
  • Principal investigator: Silvia Malenicka "Evaluation of vaccination practices in liver transplanted children in the Nordic countries". Supported with 308.743 DKK

Granted in 2016:

  • Principal investigator: Allan Rasmussen "Donor Specific HLA alloantibodies in Liver Transplantation: a prospective blinded multicenter prognostic study". Supported with 220.000 DKK

Granted in 2015:

Granted in 2014:

"Effect of exercise after heart transplantation – short term and long term."

Supported with 40.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

Granted in 2013:

"Liver Transplantation in cancer - a Nordic multicenter population based study."

Supported with 20.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

"Survival gap and premature death after liver transplantation - A Nordic population-based study."
    Supported with 20.000 €. +Report of the project

    Granted in 2012:

    "Analysis of the true incidence of post-transplant malignancies in renal transplant recipients. Initiation of a Nordic project on post-transplant malignancies".

    Supported with 20.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

    Granted in 2011:

    "The use of donor livers above 75 years in liver transplantation. A Nordic collaborative study".

    Supported with 20.000 €. +Report of the project