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Scandiatransplant Research grant

Invitation to apply for Scandiatransplant research grant 2024 Application deadline in 2024 has exceeded
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Granted in 2024:

  • Principal investigator: Vera Nilsén: "Outcome of split-liver transplantation with extended right grafts in the Nordic countries – a donor-matched analysis".
    Supported with 100.630 DKK
  • Principal investigator: Susanne Dam Poulsen: "Prediction of progression from urinary tract infection to bloodstream infection in kidney transplant recipients".
    Supported with 260.000 DKK

Granted in 2023:

  • Principal investigator: Marie Skougaard: "Unravelling immunological mechanisms of unexplained graft rejection by in silico HLA epitope matching in solidorgan transplantation – a proof-of-concept trial exploring the relevance of HLA epitope matching". Supported with 362.000 DKK
  • Principal investigator: Kathe Meyer: "Care in Organ Donation - relatives' and ICU personnel's perspectives". Supported with 150.000 DKK

Granted in 2022:

  • Principal investigator: Tor Skibsted Clemmensen "Semiautomatic optical coherence tomography evaluation of early cardiac allograft vasculopathy development after heart transplantation: The AutoOCT study". Supported with 16.000 DKK
  • Principal investigator: Jana Ekberg "Long-term follow-up of steroid avoidance in kidney transplant recipients in a randomized controlled trial - SAILOR II study". Supported with 230.000 DKK
  • Principal investigator: Terhi Friman "Solid organ transplantation and cancer; post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) study". Supported with 90.000 DKK
  • Principal investigator: Hans-Christian Pommergaard "Early detection of de novo cancer in liver transplant recipients study". Supported with 200.000 DKK

Granted in 2021:

  • Principal investigator: Lilia Martinez de la Maza "Bile composition and its regulatory pathways as predictors of liver function in liver transplantation". Supported with 150.000 DKK.
  • Principal investigator: Bente Jespersen "EVITA study - Epstein-Barr Virus Infection monitoring in renal transplant recipients. Early identification of increased risk of infection and cancer for individualised immunosuppression". Supported with 201.000 DKK.

Granted in 2020:


Granted in 2019:

Granted in 2018:

Granted in 2017:

Granted in 2016:

Granted in 2015:

Granted in 2014:

"Effect of exercise after heart transplantation – short term and long term."

Supported with 40.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

Granted in 2013:

"Liver Transplantation in cancer - a Nordic multicenter population based study."

Supported with 20.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

"Survival gap and premature death after liver transplantation - A Nordic population-based study."
    Supported with 20.000 €. +Report of the project

    Granted in 2012:

    "Analysis of the true incidence of post-transplant malignancies in renal transplant recipients. Initiation of a Nordic project on post-transplant malignancies".

    Supported with 20.000 €. +Feedback of scientific progress

    Granted in 2011:

    "The use of donor livers above 75 years in liver transplantation. A Nordic collaborative study".

    Supported with 20.000 €. +Report of the project