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Rules for exchange of liver from deceased donors within the Scandiatransplant cooperation - effective from December 1, 2017 - revised October 4, 2017

Flow-chart illustrating liver exchange and pay back rules - revised October 4, 2017

Rules for THORAX Organ exchange in the Scandiatransplant area revised October 12, 2017
Rules for exchange of  KIDNEY from deceased donors within the Scandiatransplant cooperation - effective from Dec. 14, 2016
STAMP/LAMP (Scandiatransplant and Local acceptable mismatch program Manual) version 8.1 revised December 1st, 2017
STEP (Scandiatransplant Exchange Program (Kidney Paired Donation Program)) version 1.9, TEST = program not effective

Recommandation from the Nordic Pancreas and Islet Transplant group - effective from June 6th, 2018

All organs

Guidelines on routine donor samples required by each laboratory in case of organ exchange within Scandiatransplant - effective February 22, 2017

Guidelines for Prevention of Transmission of Infectious Diseases from Organ Donors to Recipients - Revised April 2016
Guidelines for deceased organ transplantation of non-Scandiatransplant nationals within Scandiatransplant and the use of non-Scandiatransplant organs for Scandiatransplant recipients - Revised March 2017
Use of the Scandiatransplant security seal

Guidelines on reimbursement for transportation within the Scandiatransplant Organ Exchange Programme

EU guidelines
European Committee - Guide to quality and safety of organs for transplantation - 6th edition (should be downloaded after simple registration, must not be distributed around in PDF format)