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Upcoming events


Year 2021:
Virtuel - Scandiatransplant Board meeting 11th-12th of March 2021, Aarhus
Virtuel - Pancreatic islet meeting subgroup of NπTG 25th of March
Scandiatransplant Pediatric Heart and Lung (PedSHLG) 16th of April 2021, Helsinki - Chair Taisto Sarkola
Nordic Liver Transplant Group (NLTG) meeting 20th of April 2021, Helsinki - Chair Arno Nordin
Nordic Transplant Coordinator Group (NTCG) meeting 6th of May 2021 - Chair Øystein Jynge
Scandiatransplant Council of representatives meeting 19th of May 2021, Helsinki
Nordic Transplant Committee meeting 28th of September 2021, Stockholm
Nordic Pediatric Renal Study Group (NPRTSG) meeting 13th of October 2021, Helsinki
Nordic Pancreas and Islet Transplant Group (NπTG) meeting 19th of October, 2021 - Chair Torbjörn Lundgren
Nordic Kidney Group (NKG) meeting 10th of November 2021, Copenhagen - Chair Søren S. Sørensen
New meeting dates have not been set yet:
Scandiatransplant Tissue Typers Group meeting 2021, Uppsala
Scandiatransplant Heart and Lung Group (SHLG) meeting 2021 - Chair Are Martin Holm
Outside Scandiatransplant:

Scandinavian Transplantation Society Congress, Iceland, week 22 May/June 2022