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Upcoming events


Year 2022:
Scandiatransplant Council of representatives meeting 31st of August 2022, Iceland
Scandiatransplant Tissue Typers Group meeting 9th of September 2022, hosted by Copenhagen - Chair Helle Bruunsgaard
Scandiatransplant Pediatric Heart and Lung (PedSHLG) meeting 28/29/30th of September 2022, hosted by Gothenburg - Chair Håkan Wåhlander
Nordic Pediatric Renal Study Group (NPRTSG) meeting 13th of October 2022, Sweden
Nordic Liver Transplant Group (NLTG) meeting 10th-11th of October 2022, Gothenburg - Chair William Bennet
Nordic Pancreas and Islet Transplant Group (NπTG) meeting 25th of October, 2022, Arlanda - Chair Torbjörn Lundgren
Scandiatransplant Heart and Lung Group (SHLG) meeting 27th of October 2022, Copenhagen - Chair Karl Lemström
Nordic Transplant Coordinator Group (NTCG) meeting 3rd of November 2022, Copenhagen
Nordic Kidney Group (NKG) meeting 16th of November 2022, Copenhagen - Chair Søren S. Sørensen
New meeting dates have not been set yet:
Scandiatransplant Board Meeting
Prevention of transmission of infectious diseases committee meeting, chair Morten Hagness
Outside Scandiatransplant:

Scandinavian Transplantation Society Congress, Iceland, 1st-2nd of September 2022